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Our Services

Everything we do is designed for your individual care

Personalized Solutions

Today, more than ever, the best solution for hearing loss is hearing aids. Like all high-tech devices, hearing aids have improved significantly over the past several years in terms of performance and appearance.

As the leading hearing health care provider in the greater Montgomery area, we are proud to provide you with an array of services including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Tinnitus Relief
  • Special Testing
  • Ear Protection
  • BAHA

We provide our patients with a variety of options from invisible solutions that fit deep inside the ear, to wireless options that stream TV, radio, and phone. Our expert team of ENT physicians and audiology professionals will select personalized solutions that meet your needs best.

Customized Care. Superior Expertise.

Our team combines the expertise of ENT physicians and audiology professionals to ensure that you receive customized care and personalized solutions that meet your needs best.

Personalized Hearing Rehabilitation

My Starkey App is your own personalized app for instant, individualized access to information about your Starkey hearing aids — as well as tips to help ensure long-lasting listening comfort and performance. 

In one place you can find:

  • Interactive hearing games designed to help you get more comfortable wearing your hearing aids
  • Operations manuals
  • Instructional videos
  • Use and care videos
  • Information on new products and features

Payment Options

Most health insurance plans, including Medicare, do not cover the cost of hearing aids, but some do.  We will be happy to help you determine if you are eligible for benefits, and as a participating provider, we will file all appropriate claim forms as a courtesy.  Please note: You are responsible for any balance not covered by your insurance. 

CareCredit® offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs. We participate in the 12, 24, 36, and 48 month plans available with Care Credit.  

Go to our Care Credit application. 

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